2023 Year-End Reflection: Unveiling AleoSwap’s Triumphs

3 min readJan 4, 2024

🚀 A Journey of Innovation


Inception: AleoSwap’s odyssey begins with a vision, assembling a passionate development team.


Laying the Foundation: The AleoSwap platform takes shape, the first strokes of a groundbreaking creation.


Launch Day Extravaganza: AleoSwap debuts, introducing pivotal features:

  1. Public trading and liquidity infusion
  2. Token mode conversion, offering users unprecedented flexibility
  3. A test token faucet, igniting exploration.


Evolution Unleashed: AleoSwap DEX evolves:

  1. Private Trading Emergence: Enabling secure private token swaps.
  2. WearRatio Introduction: A groundbreaking concept to enhance private swaps’ success.
  3. Token Launch Feature: Empowering users to materialize their token dreams.

Community Embrace: Discord OG Role unveiled, recognizing and cherishing early supporters.

Global Presence: AleoSwap team graces ZKDay at Token2049 Conference.

Galxe Unveiling: The ‘Discover AleoSwap’ campaign captivates 500+ users on Galxe.


Triumph in Deploy Incentives: AleoSwap claims the 4th spot among Aleo’s Top 10 Deploy Incentive Winners.


AleoSwap Credits Campaign: Unleashing a wave of excitement.

Aleo Foundation Grant: $9500 secured for groundbreaking initiatives.

Istanbul Chronicles: AleoSwap team dazzles at Devconnect, pitching Zero-Knowledge Proofs at zkHouse.

Token Symphony: AleoSwap ARC20 launch campaign captivates the community.


Aleo Global Synergy: Collaborating on a co-marketing campaign, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Strategic Alliances: AleoSwap forges partnerships with Ola and Fox Wallet teams.

2023 in Numbers

Community Growth

  • Twitter Enthusiasts: Surpassing 21K in numbers.
  • Discord Alcove: Flourishing with over 20K members.
  • Telegram Haven: Welcoming over 10K eager participants.

Blockchain Brilliance

  • TVL (Aleo): 121,766, a testament to the platform’s resilience.
  • Trading Volume: A staggering total trading volume of 22,846,997.
  • Transaction Numbers: Weaving together a total of 498,804 transactions.
  • Token Issued: Unleashing 9,272 unique tokens into the crypto sphere.
  • Liquidity Pools : A vibrant ecosystem boasting 1,624 pools.

In this tapestry of accomplishments, each thread represents a shared journey. Here’s to the community, the innovation, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead! 🎉🌐




AlphaSwap offers private, secure, and smooth trading experience on the Aleo blockchain.